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Bring in a new colleague and earn €250,-!

Do you know someone – a friend/ family-member/ former colleague – who is looking for a new job? Let us know! Because, you can earn a nice bonus! When the person you suggest starts working via us, you will receive a bonus of €250,-* gross! For each person that you bring in and starts working via us, you will receive this bonus!

Job Invest helps job seekers in their search for a new job, just like we helped you! So, do you know someone who is still looking for the perfect job? Then fill in the form on this page!

*The rules

      1. You can bring in a new colleague by filling in the form
      2. You may suggest several persons
      3. Each suggested person must be available to work fulltime
      4. Each suggested person may not already work for us at another company we support
      5. All candidates must be looking for a new job in the area of Helmond, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Tilburg, Breda/ Oosterhout and/ or Waalwijk
      6. All candidates must be looking for a job in logistics or production
      7. To earn your bonus you & the person you suggested must work at least three month for us, starting from the first day of employment
      8. Did you propose multiple candidates and are they (and you) still working for Job Invest after three months, from the first day of employment? Then you will receive €250,- gross, multiplied by the number of employees
      9. Job Invest remains the right to change the terms of this campaign any time
      10. Job Invest remains the right to stop this campaign at any moment
      11. Job Invest remains the right to not award the bonus when there is suspicion of illegal play, fraud and/ or other irregularities


    So, do you want to help someone with a new job and do you like to earn 250 euros gross? Then fill in the form!


Refer a new colleague

  • Information of your new colleague

    Fill out the information of your new colleague, so we can contact him/her for a new job.
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