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We are happy to talk to employers. You know what you need to scale up and grow your business. We can provide the employees you need. Whether it concerns permanent or temporary employees, we will find the perfect match for your vacanies. In addition to finding a match, Job Invest also has nearly two thousand temporary employees with whom we unburden, support and guide our customers in the areas of production, logistics, technical and business services.

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The perfect match

We relieve you of the stress of filling out your vacancies. Our large database is full of candidates who can’t wait to start working. Based on your job description, we can choose the candidate that perfectly matches your job description.

We have candidates from each educational level of LBO to WO, specializing in engineering, manufacturing, logistics and business services. For example, we have developed a specialized team of recruiters for each field that always recruit the best candidates.

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Temporary workers

Job Invest has two thousand temporary workers across multiple companies. They participate in production and logistics, but also fulfill technical functions. We relieve our customers and support and guide them throughout the entire process. Are you short on some hands? Then we can fill that shortage with suitable temporary workers.

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